Littleton, Colorado USA

37 Shattuck St, PO Box 1305, Littleton, MA 01460

(800) 233-6837 | 303) 892-1505


Whether you’re seeing to travel on an invigorating adventure, give some time looking or sit back and experience a wonderful view, the City of Littleton has it all.


Established in 1890, after 245 citizens voted to combine the town, the 13-square-mile town is now residence to more than 44,000 people. Littleton has top-ranked institutions, higher learning, and more than 2,000 diverse companies.


Littleton incorporates an influential sense of society through its historical hub, existing trail system, and diverse community events. There are more than 59 parks and open areas. Two light rail stations offer a secure way to Downtown Denver or search the Rockies within 30 minutes.


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