Castle Rock, Colorado USA

Town of Castle Rock 100 N. Wilcox St. Castle Rock, CO 80104



The City of Castle Rock was established and built around the Rock from its initial adjustment times in the 1870s, working with the Craig and Gould extension in 1874. The section on the southern side of the post was challenged and platted by Philip Wilcox in 1871, but the head of the Rock was formerly challenged in 1875 by one of the first European immigrants to Castle Rock, William Cantril. The land grant was sold to Daniel Fitch in 1890, then George Stewart bought it in 1922, and he grasped control until his passing in 1943. At one time, George Stewart controlled part, if not all, of what is now Rock Park and different areas in Castle Rock. In 1947, George Stewart’s heirs deeded the Town 20 acres north of the Rock, and in 1953 they moved the top of the Rock to the town.


Castle Rock has extended to succeed and grow, with a modern population of higher than 70,000. Rhyolite lives a material of option for beautiful rock work and can be seen in many important buildings.